A Blend of Eastern and Western Traditions 


Auric nutritionists are available to provide tailored lectures on numerous nutrition topics. Examples of lecture topics include healthy on-the-go eating, healthy restaurant dining, managing your waistline, organic foods, herbalism and omega-3′s.


Application of mineral-rich premium-grade clay, peat magma, shilajit and targeted botanical agents, all key cleansing agents used for centuries in many ancient cultures. The mud rapidly cleanses waste bioaccumulation at targeted Chakra sites to promote quantum-state resonance. There is a “thermal effect” which is a deep, intrinsic cellular cleansing. This unique clay/botanical formula is made using 100% quantum quality ingredients: no oxidized peat, no weak or 
toxic clays and no irradiated/pesticided herbs.

All trauma areas on the body are identified and cleared with the use of a very highly-charged therapeutic mud infused with plant extracts, minerals and essential oils to ensure rapid healing. Allow at least one hour for this service. Please wear old clothes since the mud can stain. Ayurvedic mud therapy is conducted in the comfort of your own home.



An Auric nutritionist will get to know your body's deficiencies, your food cravings and your daily lifestyle. Whether you love to cook or eat out, they will design a customized approach tailored to your unique body. They'll motivate you with lifestyle and nutritional guidance,  and provide you with food sensitivities results via energy testing. 

Auric nutritionists uses Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) to energy test your body. QRA is a rapid assessment of the Body’s Main Organ/Gland Control Points and electrical Interference fields. Practitioners of QRA use the energy biofield to define and eliminate stressors that have deactivated the body’s own potent internal healing systems for rejuvenation, endurance, vitality and longevity. QRA is conducted by using the Bi-digital (2 finger) O-ring test as a non-invasive and painless assessment tool. Discovered and patented by Yoshiaki Omura Ph. D, the O-ring has been tested in scientific studies and clinically proven to work.  Allow one hour for each session. 


Energy-test all the foods and beverages in your kitchen with an Auric nutritionist to see if your daily meals, drinks, snacks and condiments are detrimental to your body.

We will delve into your kitchen and replace the unhealthy items with healthy alternatives. The nutritionist will use noninvasive energy testing to identify which edibles your body has a natural reactions to. We will even test your supplements, cosmetics, personal care products, etc. Please prepare all products needed to be tested. Allow one hour for Kitchen energy-testing.


Are you overwhelmed at the grocery store? Is it hard to figure out which product is right for your body? Take a grocery tour with an Auric nutritionist and they will show you the way. They will energy test each of the foods you're curious about buying. 

Together you’ll walk the aisles, as you learn how to read labels, debunk diet myths, shopping secrets, what brands and foods are energetically healthiest for you at the grocery store of your choice. By the end of the supermarket tour, you will have a nutritious, individualized shopping list tailored for you. The grocery store tour will take one hour.


Please contact info@auricnutrition.com



An Auric nutritionist will use noninvasive energy testing to identify which edibles your body has a natural reaction to. The nutritionist will analyze which foods are weakening your bodies with prick-free muscle testing. Each food sensitivity test will conclude with a 100-food result sheet, brief consultation and handouts for the tester's main concerns.

A food sensitivity test can help you modify your diet to increase your energy levels, lose weight, reduce any digestive discomfort and alleviate sinus, skin and mood ailments.  Feel free to bring any cosmetics, products or supplements you'd like tested. Allow one hour to test over 100 foods.  Group testings and house calls are available upon request. 

PAYMENT:  We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit and debit cards and Gift Certificates. All appointments must be paid in advance prior to scheduled sessions.

CANCELLATION:  If you are unable to keep your appointment and need to cancel/reschedule, please call 24 hours in advance prior to your scheduled appointment.  Those calling later than 24 hours in advance to their scheduled appointment or do not show for their scheduled appointment will be charged 100% of the session price.

ADMISSSIONS:  Plan to arrive at the Auric Nutrition & Wellness prior to your scheduled time no later than 10 minutes before your scheduled treatment time. Please give yourself ample time  since wait time can vary, especially on the weekends. As a courtesy to the next scheduled guest, your session will end on time regardless of the time it begins.

​PLEASE BE COURTEOUS:  To preserve the tranquil environment, we respectfully request that you leave all electronic devices turned off.



Total of 3 sessions includes:

​Session 1: Food Sensitivity Test & Initial Assessment analysis of current health and planning for future goals
​Session 2: Customized Detox Diet Plan & Meal Planning
Session 3: Follow-Up Assessment
Lifestyle recommendations 
Supplement recommendations
Articles and handouts
Shopping lists and recipes


Initial consultation + 3 Follow-Up Sessions:

Initial Health Assessment analysis of current health and planning for future goals
Customized Detox Diet Plan & Meal Planning
​Lifestyle recommendations 
Supplement recommendations
Articles and handouts
​Shopping lists and recipes